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Create a Map for Web


In this guide you will learn to load a Google map with a MapsIndoors map on top. The full code example is shown in the JSFiddle below, but will be run through bit by bit in this guide.

Loading the MapsIndoors SDK

The MapsIndoors SDK is loaded by using a script tag like the one below:

<script src=""></script>

The apikey parameter contains your application's MapsIndoors API key.

For IE11 it's critical to load the MapsIndoors SDK before the Google Maps API due to conflicting polyfills.

Loading the Google Maps JavaScript API

The Google Maps API is loaded by using a script tag like the one below:

<script src=""></script>

The libraries parameter is for loading additional libraries for the Google Maps API. The MapsIndoors SDK is dependent on the Geometry Library from Google.

The key parameter contains your Google Maps API key. Look here For more information about how to obtain a key.

Setting Up the MapView

const mapView = new mapsindoors.mapView.GoogleMapsView({
element: document.getElementById("map"),
center: {
lat: 38.8976067,
lng: -77.0365872,
zoom: 19,
maxZoom: 21,
  • element is the DOM element on the page that will contain the map. document.getElementById('map')
  • center is the geographical point on which the map is centered.
  • zoom is the initial zoom level the map will be displayed at.
  • The maxZoom parameter is set to disable the map from zooming further in that level 21, which is the current maximum.

Initializing MapsIndoors

const mapsIndoors = new mapsindoors.MapsIndoors({
mapView: mapView,

A new instance of the MapsIndoors class is created and assigns the GoogleMapsView to the mapView parameter.

Adding a Floor Selector

const googleMap = mapView.getMap();
const floorSelector = document.createElement("div");
new mapsindoors.FloorSelector(floorSelector, mapsIndoors);

A reference to the Google Map is obtained by calling getMap on the mapView.

The floorSelector is created by calling the new mapsindoors.FloorSelector(floor selector, mapsIndoors); passing in a DOM element and an instance of MapsIndoors.

googleMap.controls[google.maps.ControlPosition.RIGHT_TOP].push(floorSelector); adds the Floor Selector to upper right corner of the map as a map control.